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The Rules:
1) You need a seperate journal for you character, along with an icon. If you need help getting an icon, contact a mod.
2) Always stay in character, or else use OOC parenthases.
3) You don't have to follow the show, ex.: Manny doesn't HAVE to get the abortion--but don't make your character do anything too drastic.
4) UPDATE at LEAST 3 times every 2 weeks, or at least give a good reason why you won't be. Or else, you will be deleted from your role.
5) There are to be no fights, relationships, sexual content, and things like that unless all the characters involved have agreed to it, or if it's in the story line. Contact a mod first.
6) Be respectful to the other characters. You don't have to get along, but don't let any arguments get out of hand, or else we may have to ask you to leave the RPG.
Questions? Comments? Contact a moderator!
AIM: dogtags6 (Sarrah) or XSweetXCharismaX (Charisma)
Yahoo: dazedncrazed06 (Sarrah)
MSN: dazedncrazed06@hotmail.com (Sarrah)
Email: dogtags6@whoever.com (Sarrah) or Hotohori_Nuriko4@yahoo.com (Charisma)


Grade 10:
Ellie Nash- xxelliexnashxx
Marco Del Rossi-
Paige Michalchuk- shout_4_paige
Gavin 'Spinner' Mason- _spinning
Ashley Kerwin- creativexrocker
Terri McGreggor-
Craig Manning- craig_man
Jimmy Brooks-
Hazel Aden- spiritqt_haz

Grade 9:
Sean Cameron- xseanxcameronx
Emma Nelson- xemma_nelsonx
JT Yorke- _jty0rke
Toby Isaacs-
Manny Santos- xosmileygurlox
Liberty Van Zandt-
Chris Sharpe-
Alex- xxx_alex_xxx

Grade 8:
Kendra Mason-

Grade 12:
Dylan Michalchuk-

Archie 'Snake' Simpson-
Christine 'Spike' Nelson-Simpson-
Caitlin Ryan-
Joey Jerimiah-
Principle Radditch-