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Ellie here. Sean and I just started this community, so if you'd liek to join, take a look at the free characters in the userinfo, and respond to this post with your username and character you'd liek to be. thanks!
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Character: Paige
Journal: shout_4_paige
welcome! i'll add you to the list! *if you know anyone interested in joining, please let them know!*
Can i be manny? this username is like hers at degrass.tv
alrighty. welcome. ill add you to the list too. get people to join if you will!
ill be emma!
i have this journal 4 another community...shud i make a new one?
yay an Emma :-) i'm tryin' to get more people to join. this will be fun
Hey, can I play Ashley?

xosmileygurlox came to my post under xoxpinklacexox and said to join. This is my other name, if you haven't figured out.
Yeah Emma, you should probobly just seperate your friends lists and make your journals friends only. I'll add you to the list. You too, Ash! woohoo!
hey I'll be Craig.
alrighty then! we're well on our way!
i think im going 2 make a new journal so its not confusing with all the characters is that ok?


12 years ago

Hey, can I play Spinner? Er.. I'll just use this LJ, if that's okay.
Hey, we need a Spinner at my rpg, degrassi_cs_rp_, please check it out!
Can I please be Kendra? I'll make a new journal for her but I'll need an icon. Thanks!
-Theorhetical Muffin
most definitely! just report back with your new journal, and email me or IM me on AIM, yahoo, or msn, and we'll talk about getting you an icon.
I'll make a journal for Hazel and paly her.


12 years ago


12 years ago

i have a question...the rules say no fights n stuff like that but since emma n sean are mad at each other r they aloud 2 say stuff that they would normally say on the show like something thats sorta mean in the omments?
you can stay stuff that you would say on the show, but no vulgar language to the extreme or serious fighting. mild arguing only, but only if both characters are agreed.


12 years ago

Sure. But as long as it doesn't confuse events from other episodes. For instance, in my other RPG, Sean gets a puppy because he is lonely living on welfare. It's an event that happens, but doesn't twist events on the entire show. You still have to think about having a good time with Chris. Hope that explains it well enough...
ok great, this will still continue after the season if over correct?

(again im very sorry if im being so annoying)
If JT is open, may I grab the part?
yeah, you sure can. welcome!


12 years ago

Can there be a Alex, if so can I have the part please? I'll make a journal and everything...

Hey, we need a Sean at my rpg, degrassi_cs_rp_, please check it out!
Most definitely. Just comment back with your new journal and icon. *let me know if you need an icon or something*
Hey. I got it ready now, this is hal_lvs_danclrk...my journal isn't as fancy as some others though, i am new to this site so can you help a little as we go along? please?

alrighty youre added
most definitely. just report back wiht your new one. thanks!
do you need a paige?
no..sorry. but if you look in the info theres a list of characters we need. thanks!
dylan here. aim sn is dylanmicalchuk. lj is dylan_micalchuk

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